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Titanic Deluxe Belek 7 Nights 6x Golf at 4x Titanic Golf Club, 1x Kaya Palazzo, 1x Lykia Links BELEK

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Accommodation in Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek

Lying over 200.000 sqm of dramatic landscape among natural pine forrests, Mediterranean Sea and Besgoz River, Titanic Deluxe Belek is the new Titanic hotel that offers unparalleled service and signature facilities that set the stage for an exceptional all-inclusive Antalya vacation.

An ideal retreat for families, couples, nature lovers and golfers alike, Titanic Deluxe Belek pampers you with luxurious accommodations, delicious cuisine, a diverse selection of beverages, upscale amenities and extraordinary service.

new resort in Belek is a modern yet elegant approach to design and architecture presenting an ideal setting for a memorable holiday with high-class amenities and facilities, including nine restaurants, fourteen bars, eleven pools, a wellness-inspired spa, day and night activities, private beach privileges, meetings and event spaces.

Country Turkey
Region Belek
Board Ultra all Inclusive

4x rounds on Cullinan Links Golf BELEK

A unique route with views of the sea on one side, the river on the other and the Taurus Mountains...
It is the only golf course in Turkey with a river and seashore.
Serving as 27 pits, the Cullinan Links Golf Club has been renovated with a total of 36 pits by “European Golf Design”,
the world's leading general golf course design company.
CULLINAN Links Golf Club offers a total of 36 pits, 9 floodlit pits & driving range, a 4-season golf vehicle and lessons from internationally
certified golf instructors in the Golf Academy the Aspendos Course and Olympos Course, which highlight the historical beauties of Antalya,
the "open-air museum" where nature and history are combined in unique harmony await your golf enthusiasts.

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1x round on Kaya Palazzo Golf Club

Kaya Palazzo Golf Club is an indispensable facility for golf enthusiasts. Located in a special pine covered heaven and with the luxurious VIP hotel and villas( under construction )in the middle of golf courses, Kaya Eagles Golf Club is the favorite destination for those looking for a peaceful holiday.

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1x round on Lykia Links Golf Club Belek

A unique golf experience in the Mediterranean...
LykiaLinks Golf, is Located directly by the sea, and is one of the very special golf courses known as a "Links Course", one which takes advantage of nature's landscape and is adjacent to the sea. Being one of the 300 links courses of 36.000 golf courses worldwide, its an honour and a real first for Turkish Golf.
The course belonging to the Lykia World Hotel, is an 18 hole links and 9 hole academy course, located on a 1 million m2 area of land that creates a true golfing experience not to be missed. A cool Mediterranean breeze will provide you with a pleasant oasis from the heat of the sun that no other course in the belek area can offer.

Rates as one of the top 100 golf courses in Europe, LykiaLinks Antalya makes full use the natural landscape and texure of its stunning seaside location.

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Terms and Prices

Date from To Nights Price Flights

Private Transfers and Shuttles included.

For all groups with 7 + 1 grp leader or pro will be free of charge.

The New Year Gala (31.12.20) 80€ per person obligatory.

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